The Quick Guide to the Correct Golfing Attire and Accessories

Golf equipment manufacturers offer not only golfing clubs, golfing balls, and complete club sets, but also accessories that will help carry all of your equipment in style. Choose from a wide variety of accessories, from stand bags to travel gear to headwear and apparel. Golf equipment manufacturers, like Callaway Golf, offer accessories to complement your golf club and golf balls.

The golfing accessories that are readily available in the market are as follows :

• Bag Accessories
• Stand Bags
• Staff Bags
• Cart Bags
• Gloves
• Headwear
• Gift Cards
• Umbrellas
• Travel Gear
• Head covers
• Footwear & Eyewear
• Clearance
• Training Aids & More
• Apparel

When playing golf, equipment is important, as well as apparel and the related accessories. To be able to play well, you should have the proper gear and the proper equipment. Golf equipment manufacturers, such as Callaway Golf, would often have an ‘Apparel’ or ‘Accessories’ lineup so that the accessories match the other golf equipment that they sell.

The clothes while playing golf should not reach up to the golfer’s elbows, as the arms are the primary parts of the body that are used in golf. The elbows should be able to move freely. Golfing accessories shops offer shirts in different sizes, and all of them are suited for smooth and comfortable play. Keep collars inside your sweatshirt, if you happen to wear a polo shirt underneath a sweatshirt, that is. This gives off a clean, trim look.golfWhen wearing shorts, the ends of the shorts should be above the knees. Much like the rule with elbows, the knees should be able to bend without any obstacles when you are hitting the ball with your club. When wearing pants, your pants should be long enough so its ends touch atop your shoes. Choose the right trousers for your height and leg length.

Comfort is key to a good golfer get-up. If you’re not comfortable with your trousers, shorts, shoes, or even your tops, then you might encounter difficulties while playing the game.

Shoes are also a vital part in every golfer’s get-up. Choose from countless designs that will guarantee you comfort and versatility with every step of the game. Shoes made from lightweight yet durable materials are ideal for a good fit and excellent performance. Golf equipment shops, like those that mainly offer Callaway Golf products, have countless items specially made for golf players.

Clothes and shoes are not the only things that are needed, aside from golf clubs and golf balls, for a smooth golf game. There are days when the sun will be up very high and the sun’s rays glare onto the player’s eyes, eliminating the chance of getting a better view of the ball’s flight. Headgears and eyewear are needed in order to at least shield the player’s eyes from the harsh rays of the sun during a game. Choices of tour performance golf caps are readily available, where golfers can choose from a variety of designs. Some golfers, especially women, would prefer visors instead of caps.

If you have a lot of golf clubs that you can’t carry in your arms, opt to get stand bags, cart bags, or staff bags. With one of these bags, you can house your golf clubs, score sheets, and all of the other necessary equipment, keeping all of your things organized and safe. The bags manufactured by Callaway Golf are made of lightweight material, so even if you stuff all of your golf clubs in the bag, it will still be easy to carry. Some golf bags come with rain covers, just in case that the game is under a light drizzle.

When it comes to playing golf, not only should you play with skill, but also in style. Wear and purchase the right golfing accessories to prep yourself for the next games to come.

HCG Fertility Treatment

hcgdropHCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone produced by the body during pregnancy and supports the growth of a fertilized egg in the ovary of a woman. This hormone also stimulates the release of the egg cell during the ovulation period.

Since HCG promotes ovulation, treatments using the hormone have been administered to women suffering from fertility issues. It is also prescribed to men to increase sperm count. HCG treatment is also prescribed to young boys whose testicles have not moved down into the scrotum normally. A disorder in the pituitary gland usually causes this condition.

Administration and Effects

HCG can be injected into a muscle or under the skin. For those who self-administer the injection, the health care provider will provide specific instructions on where and how to inject the HCG. It is required that the patient immediately contact the doctor if there are signs of pain, blood clot, warmth, numbness, redness, tingling on arm or leg, extreme dizziness, confusion, or severe headache.
A disposable needle should only be used once and then thrown away. Put the used needle in a puncture proof container and keep it out of reach of pets and children. The pharmacist can help explain the way of disposing used needles.

There are HCG treatment products that come in powder form and include a separate liquid; these two should be mixed together so that they can be drawn into the syringe. For convenience, other companies manufacture syringes that are pre-filled with single doses of HCG.
If the HCG medication contains particles inside or has changed color, do not use it. The health care provider should be immediately contacted to get a new prescription. Unmixed HCG should be stored away from light, heat, and moisture – at room temperature. Once mixed, the HCG must be kept inside the refrigerator until it’s ready to be injected. If not used for more than 30 days, the mixed medicine should be thrown away.

Some women undergoing HCG treatment may suffer from OHSS or ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, which is a life-threatening condition. Symptoms of this condition include severe pelvic pain, stomach swelling and pain, swelling of the legs and hands, breath shortness, diarrhea, weight gain, vomiting, and nausea.
HCG treatment in young boys can also cause early puberty. Signs of the effects are pubic hair growth, deepened voice, worsened acne, and increased sweating.

HCG has also been known to increase the possibility of having multiple pregnancies. Women undergoing HCG treatment might conceive twins, triplets, or quadruplets. This can be a high-risk condition for both the mother and the babies.
Although HCG is used to treat infertility, using the treatment while pregnant can cause birth defects and should never be used throughout the pregnancy.


HCG medication should not be used if there is a known allergic interaction to the hormone or if the patient has:
– Precocious puberty
– Prostate cancer or other cancers related to hormones (breast, uterus, ovary, pituitary or hypothalamus)
– An adrenal or thyroid gland disorder
– A cyst in the ovary
– Uterine bleeding whose cause is yet to be determined
– Kidney disease
– Heart disease
– Migraines
– Epilepsy
– Asthma

There are cases in which HCG dosage reduction can be adjusted. In order to monitor the progress the treatment, the patient will need to visit the doctor regularly. The patient is required not to miss any checkup schedule.
When a dose is missed the patient should immediately contact the doctor. The patient should also seek immediate medical attention if too much of the HCG treatment is used, although over-dosage of HCG has not been shown to result to life-threatening conditions.